Cannabis Recommendations

Register with Maryland to Get a MMCC Patient ID
Register with the state of Maryland at MMCC here for free to receive a patient ID. Once you register you will get a patient ID from the state. Once you have this then you can book your appointment with the physician.

Book Your Appointment with our Medical Marijuana Doctor and Get Approved
Click on “Get Started” and choose the best available time for you to meet with a doctor and get approved. We have partnered with Veriheal - a Medical Marijuana Group with doctors all over Maryland - in order to help you get approved safely and quickly. The best part is that if you are not approved, your consultation is free of charge. So you have a chance to meet with the doctor and get approved, with nothing to lose! Once approved the doctor will upload your certification and we can deliver to you. If you have not registered with the MMCC you can get your patient ID here.

Schedule An In-Home Consultation With Grassroots Certified Holistic Cannabis Practitioner
Once you have received your recommendation, schedule your in home consultation with Grassroots healing.

Order Medical Cannabis delivery through Grassroots Healing!
Once you complete the Grassroots initial consultation, you can start ordering medical cannabis delivered directly to your home.