How to become a maryland medical cannabis patient

Step 1:

Register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission in order to obtain your patient ID number and your physical medical cannabis card (your card will come in the mail after you receive your certification from a provider). EVERY patient must register with state and there is a mandatory $50 state fee at the time of registration that can only be paid with a Visa or MasterCard. You will need to renew your medical cannabis card every 3 years. To get started with the online state registration, visit and click on the “patients” section. After completing the online registration form, it will take about 3-4 weeks to receive a reply email from the state with your new patient ID number.

*Please be sure to read all instructions pertaining to patient registration, if any errors are made the application will be sent back and you will need to correct the errors, re-submit, and wait another 3-4 weeks.

*Common errors to be aware of when submitting your online application:

  • You MUST submit proof of your CURRENT Maryland address; if this information does not appear on your current license, you must submit TWO proofs of residence. A list of acceptable documents are listed on the mmcc website. Take a picture of the two documents you choose to use side by side, so that both documents appear in the one photo, and then upload that into your application.

  • The current photo that you submit of yourself MUST have a white background. Any other color background in the photo will result in a returned application.

  • When taking your photo, make sure to remove any hats, head wraps, or anything obscuring your face/head.

*If you are having trouble filling out your application, do not have access to a computer, or just want to make sure you don’t make any errors, PLEASE contact us so we can assist you with state registration, free of charge.

Step 2:

Get certified for medical cannabis use by a qualifying provider in Maryland. Any doctor, nurse practitioner, or dentist who is registered with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission can issue certifications. You must bring some form of medical record of your qualifying condition and your MMCC patient ID number that was given to you by the state to your medical consult. Once you are evaluated and the paperwork is verified, you will be certified the same day and can visit a dispensary immediately.

Step 3:

Visit a dispensary. This is your final step to obtaining your medicine! Once you have your patient ID and certification you can visit any dispensary in Maryland or D.C. to purchase your medicine. Most dispensaries will simply take your driver’s license when checking in; however, we strongly advise you to bring a copy of your certification (it can be a digital copy on your phone) along with your driver’s license. You can also log back into your mmcc account that you created in Step 1 in order to print out a temporary medical cannabis card. Your physical card will take up to 90 days after the date of your official certification.

*And don’t forget about our consulting services! If your first dispensary visit leaves you feeling overwhelmed or lost, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance. Our holistic cannabis consultant and cannabis nurse specialize in working with patients to find their optimal cannabis dosage and method(s) of ingestion. We’ll even visit the dispensary with y0u! Contact us for more details.