Medical Cannabis Certifications

Become a LEGAL cannabis patient in Maryland!

Become a LEGAL cannabis patient in Maryland!

Did you know that Maryland’s medical cannabis program has been available to patients since 2017? Thousands of people around the world are finding amazing results by learning how to safely and effectively use the cannabis plant as medicine.

We provide patients with a “one-stop-shop” to be able to learn about medical cannabis and to complete all the necessary steps to become a legal patient in Maryland. Our one-on-one guidance with our cannabis nurse and holistic cannabis consultant will ensure that you are knowledgeable and confident in your decision to start a cannabis regimen and our certified physicians and nurse practitioner will provide your medical consult in order to obtain approval for your medical cannabis card. Come to one of our certification events and let us help you handle everything at one time, or make an appointment at time convenient for you to come get certified! Gain access to over 70 dispensaries in Maryland…the process doesn’t have to be hard, we’re here to help! Click below to learn about the entire process, total fees, and how to get started today!

education & Support services

Starting a holistic journey can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time, especially when it comes to incorporating cannabis in your toolbox! We are well aware of the lack of resources and knowledge regarding cannabis medicine and other holistic practices. This is why we offer a wide range of educational and support services to make sure patients do not feel alone in their journey and that they are armed with the proper knowledge to make confident, informative decisions about their health.

Our cannabis nurse offers one-on-one consultations for anyone having questions regarding dosage, methods of ingestion, and micro-dosing with cannabis and/or CBD. Consults are offered via phone, in-office, or even in-home for those with mobility issues. Our nurse even offers to accompany you to a dispensary to assist you in finding the appropriate products. If you’re overwhelmed, confused, or simply aren’t getting the results you’re looking for with your cannabis use, reach out to us for help and we’ll be glad to hold your hand!

In addition to our personalized consults, we offer monthly FREE educational workshops on various topics having to due with holistic health and healing. Check out our event page for our upcoming events!

Finally, we offer a safe and supportive space for patients to vent, share, and connect with others going through similar struggles in their health. We currently hold monthly support group meetings for anyone looking for a small-knit community to connect with and gain support through their healing process. TOGETHER we can make a difference in each other’s lives and reach a place of happiness and health!

wellness services

At Grassroots Healing, we understand that in order to achieve overall wellness we must address all aspects of ourselves….mind, body, and spirit. Which is why we emphasize the importance of combining other healthy lifestyle practices into your cannabis regimen. 

Our wellness services include group or private weekly yoga sessions, guided meditation, and Reiki sessions, led by our certified 500hr yogi and Reiki Master. All of our wellness services are provided both in office or in the privacy of your home. In-home sessions allow for patients to medicate before or during the sessions, which can enhance the overall experience! Check out our Wellness Wednesdays yoga sessions, as well as our meditation, Reiki, and CBD workshops. To schedule a class or individual session, click below!

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